Highfields School


At Highfields we believe that every child really matters and always seek to work with pupils and parents to ensure that each pupil achieves their full potential. We want all our pupils to feel safe and secure within a supportive and yet challenging environment. We want them to learn successfully, gain qualifications and develop the skills they need to grow and prosper in the 21 st century. We want every child to be able to participate in a wide variety of social and academic experiences which will enable them to confidently take their place in society as caring and skilled individuals with a strong sense of community.

In striving to be a good comprehensive school we will always respond to continuing change in education and society and seek to combine, in our teaching and learning, the tried and tested with the innovative and exciting developments of the future. We are committed to ensuring that Highfields is an e-confident school offering students and staff the very best facilities to support their learning and teaching needs.

We want this to happen in a safe, secure and caring community where there is harmony and a strong belief in the values of truth, honesty, tolerance and respect. We want children to feel safe and happy at Highfields; this is important because it is only when a child feels safe and happy that they can do their best and enjoy achieving. At Highfields we believe that parents, staff, pupils and community must always work together in partnership and collaboration to see that this happens.