Davlec Ltd


Our History

In 1983 Davlec Ltd was founded by Glyn and Sue Davies, initially concentrating on the servicing of electronic control equipment for the dairy parlour. The following year saw the launch of Davlec's first product, the Bulk Tank Power Saver, and this was followed by a succession of controls that paved the way to Davlec's current extensive portfolio.
From the outset, design & manufacturing were kept in house with a growing team assembling both Davlec's own products and those of clients. Over the next 22 years Davlec established itself as a reliable supplier and manufacturing partner to many dairy and subcontract customers.
Sadly, in 2005, Glyn passed away leaving behind a strong ethical company with his daughter Nia as Managing Director and Sue as Financial Director.

Davlec Today

Building on the strong foundations established by her father, Nia has continued to develop Davlec's core values. Good communication, high production standards and continued investment enables Davlec to design and build state of the art electronics at our Welshpool base for a variety of sectors.
Davlec has an established reputation for service, making it a first port of call for many local and national companies looking for assistance manufacturing or developing products. If you would like to learn more about the products and services we offer, please feel to peruse the information on this site or get in touch.
Davlec continues to manufacture and develop its own range of dairy controls using the latest technology to address a rapidly changing market.