Allenby Douglas Ltd


Allenby Douglas Care Services is not just another home care company. In fact we pride ourselves on being different by caring for our clients as if they were members of our own family.

How are we different? To start with, 75% of our directors are Registered Nurses and all of us play an active role in caring for our clients.

Our team of staff and carers are trained to work to a professional standard, highly motivated and love what they do, which is one reason why our staff turnover is so low.
It’s also helped us to grow through word of mouth and recommendations from other health care professionals.
Our clients choose us because they know we will deliver on our promises and they trust our integrity.
We have a reputation for achieving quality outcomes and our costs are affordable and fair.

​Our values.

Our Managing Director, Jenny Upshall, set up Allenby Douglas Care Services after a long career in nursing at a senior level, but the inspiration came from her father, Allenby Douglas Lummis.

Mr Lummis was a prisoner of war of the Japanese and one of thousands forced to work on the infamous Burma Railway.

Conditions were appalling, and many of the prisoners developed health problems that would plague them for the rest of their lives.

After his return from World War II, Mr Lummis spent much of his time visiting old comrades with health problems in their homes and he was passionate that when someone was sick or frail the best place for them to be was in their own home.

This philosophy is at the heart of what we do at Allenby Douglas, and Mr Lummis and his wife Babs helped Jenny set up the company in 2000.