Able 2 Occupational Therapy Services


Able 2 Occupational Therapy Services Ltd will provide you with the opportunity to allocate a number of assessments dependent upon the needs of your service. Our Occupational Therapists are able to undertake either a large number of referrals on your behalf to enable you to effectively tackle your waiting list or smaller numbers on a monthly or individual basis to maintain an effective and efficient service.

Following the Initial Assessment Able 2 Occupational Therapy Services will produce a detailed Assessment Report and will arrange for the necessary equipment, minor and major adaptations to be provided, undertaking review calls and visits where necessary. By doing so, Able 2 relieve the administrative and professional burden and subsequent cost to Children and Adult Social Care Services whilst ensuring that your service user is supported and assisted throughout the process.

It is no longer acceptable to have long waiting lists for Occupational Therapy Assessments. Able 2 provides a cost effective Occupational Therapy Service at a lower unit cost than in-house staff, which enables you to rapidly respond to those referred for an Assessment and facilitates your ability to demonstrate efficient and effective management of your service.

Our objective at Able 2 Occupational Therapy Services Ltd is to provide cost effective, complementary services which enable organisations to respond to the increasing demand for Occupational Therapist Assessment Services within the new personalisation agenda.

Personalisation ensures that the disabled person’s experience of the assessment process is positive and inclusive, providing them with relevant information so that they are able to make informed decisions which are appropriate both to themselves and their families. Here at Able 2, our Occupational Therapists and administrative staff ensure that our clients receive the best service and the best solutions for their needs.

Able 2’s experience has been that when we enter into a contract with a new Local Authority their expectation is that it will be a short term relationship to resolve a particular service difficulty. However due to the quality, efficiency and continuity of the Occupational Therapists and administration staff’s service we continue to work and develop our relationship with them for many years. To ensure that Able 2 Occupational Therapists continue to achieve and maintain this standard we are ISO9001 accredited, which assists in the monitoring of our work ensuring that we achieve the appropriate outcome and standards required.